It is nearly 100 years since NAZARET first opened its doors

In the very beginning, the college was the headquarters of the working women's union. It provided typing courses to prepare women for one of the professions in which they were most likely to find employment at that time. Nearly one hundred years later, the challenge facing Nazaret remains the same: that of anticipating and responding to the socio-occupational needs of the day. The college has become an accomplished educational centre and established itself as a leader in the field of education in Gipuzkoa.

Nazaret, via the training courses it provides, has been a pioneer in the application of information technology and the possibilities that this has to offer. Moreover, the college has been a model of educational management having trained highly competent and reliable professionals to work in the local business sector for generations.

In all the years that NAZARET has been educating, the courses it has provided have been oriented towards two specific social groups: young people (sixth form baccalaureate and vocational training) and adults (continuous training). Five hundred young people and more than six thousand adults are educated and trained at the college each year, students who all benefit individually from personalised programmes designed to develop their competences.
In baccalaureate, we are currently working on the '20-20 Project', the aim of which is to anticipate and respond to the socio-occupational competences that will be required when students currently completing their education with us enter into the labour market. The challenges are tough: internationalization, continuous technological development, an ever-changing economic situation, new ways of working and the creation, management and transmission of knowledge...

In order to take on these challenges, NAZARET has the support of a first class teaching staff committed to the ideology of the college – that of educating and training competent and complete professionals and people. We possess a team of professionals capable of combining their knowledge of the most dynamic and innovative methodologies with first-hand teaching experience. Our students are also directly involved in the day to day working of the college, which also boasts an extensive network of partner companies and centres who trust in us. All of this has helped to create a network via which knowledge and ideas are exchanged, and which acts as the impetus for the design of future strategies.



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